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More than half of physicians report burnout, and suicide among physicians is double of what it is in the general population. 

However, struggling physicians often do not seek help.

We are the only anonymous and confidential peer-support platform aimed to reduce physician distress, burnout, and suicide.

Our stories

Fear: of disclosure, losing my license, and losing face. This is my physician burnout story as a founder of Physicians Anonymous.

A Physician Burnout Story (Part 1)

I have wanted to be a doctor since about the age of 4 or 5, or so my parents tell me. In this article, I present Part 1 of my personal physician burnout story and discuss how it led to my co-founding Physicians Anonymous.

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Dr Phoenix: Those left behind

Reach out to your loved ones, and be honest. Trust me, they will help you. You are loved in more ways than you can imagine, because you are one unique lovable bright spot in this world. So stay with us and shine on us.

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How we can help you

Physician burnout is at record levels, yet too few of us reach out for help.  We are a unique program where physicians can meet in a safe and anonymous virtual space to help each other combat burnout.


Stories and science about why physician wellbeing is important for everyone


Coaching and mentoring for physicians - with the option to stay anonymous

Anon meetings

Free support group meetings for those physicians who wish to stay anonymous

The world needs healthy, happy doctors.
By sharing our stories in confidence, we will become stronger.
By knowing that we are not alone, we will be able to serve our patients better.

Recent stories

Trauma hospital ER

Why I quit medicine: not COVID but COVID didn’t help

I recently decided I was going to leave my role as an Emergency Medicine (ER) doctor in the UK National Health Service (NHS). As service after service reaches its full capacity and beyond, the people who rely on these services do not know where to go for the help they need. All of these factors led me do decide that I no longer wanted to commit my daily energies to a system that was causing me to burn out.

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UK Primary Care Burnout Story

A Primary Care Burnout Story

If there was one thing that helped me deal with my own burnout, it was hearing another General Practitioner (GP) stand up in front of a lecture theatre of 200 people and say that they had been burned out too. 

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