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Physicians Anonymous offerings for physicians, residents, and medical students

Invest in yourself: self-care is not selfish

Working in modern medicine is making health care practitioners sick, and COVID has made it worse. 

About half of us physicians reported burnout before COVID and over 60% afterwards. Suicide among physicians is double that of the general population. 

Struggling doctors do not seek help. We are afraid of career damage or losing our licenses. We do not trust EAPs and fear confidentiality breaches.

Physicians Anonymous is a third-party group offering both prevention and management of physician burnout and distress. Our services are science-based, completely confidential, and flex according to your personal needs.

Because we offer coaching, mentoring, and peer support, nothing goes on your medical or insurance record.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching and mentoring for clinicians - with the option to stay anonymous

Anon meetings

Free support group meetings for those clinicians who wish to stay anonymous

Physicians Anonymous offerings for individual doctors

We offer 1:1 coaching for specific physician needs (both preventive and early intervention), and 1:1 mentoring for medical students and residents (who are matched with experienced third-party clinician mentors for the duration of their training). 

Scientific evidence shows that physician coaching reduces emotional exhaustion, imposter syndrome, stress, and burnout. It also improves self- compassion. Evidence continues to emerge of the benefits of coaching in supporting overworked physicians and doctors-to-be. 

Physicians Anonymous offers a range of doctor-designed and evidence-based clinical coaching programs spanning the medical career: 

  • Medical students
  • Residents
  • Attendings
  • Medical Leadership (emerging & current)
  • Clinical Academics
  • Pre-retirement physicians, among others.

Physicians Anonymous coaching by doctors for doctors

At Physicians Anonymous, we believe in prevention, early intervention, and high-quality peer support from MD coaches who really understand what it is like to be a doctor.  We have walked the corridors. We have worn the scrubs. We have overcome the challenges of medicine – and thrived. Our experience with hundreds of physicians has taught us that cultivating safe doctor-only spaces that are unlinked to the employer or training organization allows for genuine and free expression of the issues. Through our coaching programs, we impart the stress management and life skills that medical schools and postgraduate training simply do not have the time for. Sample Physicians Anonymous Clinician Coaching Content:
  • Growth mindset
  • Receiving critical feedback
  • Imposter syndrome and perfectionism
  • Boundary setting
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Mental health awareness 
  • Suicide reduction
  • Healthy relationships
  • Work-life balance
  • Handling betrayal & litigation
Physician coaching

We teach Cognitive and Positive Psychology skills to reframe the challenges of a modern medical career. 

We use evidence-based techniques proven to reduce burnout, emotional exhaustion, and imposter syndrome.

Our coachees go on a journey of personal development in a safe space, emerging healthier and happier doctors

In so doing we enhance physician resilience & wellbeing and cultivate thriving careers in medicine.

Physicians Anonymous Peer Support Groups

We also provide free anonymous coaching-based peer-support group meetings in confidential virtual spaces with other health care practitioners who understand their pain but do not need to know their name. 

“No name, no shame.”

Regular peer-support group engagement reduces physician isolation, builds relationships, models positive coping behaviors, and may create cohesive groups that can mature over time and with shared challenges. A sense of camaraderie and mutual support grows. 

We are intent on developing self-sustaining physician communities which grow at the speed of trust across the US and the world.

Physician Peer support group

How anonymous are we?

Physician mental health stigma

More than  half of health care practitioners would meet the criteria of a mental health diagnosis. However, we are too afraid to seek treatment because it would show up on our licencing records. 

Physicians Anonymous provides coaching; therefore, if you engage in our services, it will not show up on your records. You will be our client, and not our patient. You will receive coaching, and not treatment. Our coaches include physicians who are also certified coaches and psychologists with decades of experience.

Importantly, all have their own burnout stories and how they tackled burnout. Some are recovering addict physicians. All our coaches and mentors have been there, done that, and came out as a new person.

If you are a health care practitioner struggling with burnout and related problems, reach out to Physicians Anonymous. We are here to help you.

And most importantly: you can stay anonymous. This is the power of burnout coaching with Physicians Anonymous!

Physician burnout: a systemic issue

Yes, physicians burnout is mostly a systemic issue. The causes of physician burnout are complex, but have to do in part with increasing workload, constant time pressures, chaotic work environments, declining pay, endless and unproductive bureaucratic tasks required by health insurance companies that don’t improve patient care, and increasingly feeling like cogs in large, anonymous systems. Malpractice lawyers are always circling, which causes doctors to waste time with over-defensive documentation. The transition from paper charts to electronic medical records, which seemingly were designed to maximize revenues instead of clinical care, has created a technological barrier between doctor and patient, and between doctors. So the solutions are systemic, at least in the medium-to-long term. Things like provide more support for physicians, in the form of better work-life balance and increased job satisfaction. Reducing the EHR/admin burden, unreasonable hours of Residency and beyond. Tort reform, medical licensing, credentialing, and safety for physicians getting help to protect themselves and their patients are all required and will take time.
Trauma hospital ER

In the meanwhile, physicians are here, suffering, right now.  We are working ourselves within this toxic system into burnout, mental illness, addiction, and an early grave. We need to find ways to not only survive from shift to shift, but find joy and meaning in modern medicine. This is what we offer.

The science and years of experience in Physician Well-being tell us that what we offer works to reduce burnout, emotional exhaustion, impostor syndrome. It improves self-compassion. 

Our work pre-emptively cultivates thriving, rather than surviving, physicians.

If you are an organization looking to invest in your most precious staff group, please read more here. 

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