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Author: Jillian Rigert DMD, MD

Boundaries self care medicine

Setting boundaries for self care in medicine

Self-compassion does not make you soft. Boundaries do not make you closed off nor selfish. I had to repeat this many times before I started to understand how true and how essential self-compassion and boundaries are in our lives.

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What does self-compassion look like in your life?

I’ve spent years deeply uncomfortable in my skin. Wanting to disappear.

Last night- a wave of anxiety hit me as it often does when the world gets quiet.

In tune with my body for a brief moment, my heart ached.


enough career medicine

When is enough…. enough in your career?

In a career when we always strive for more, when is enough enough? Dr Jillian Reigert DMD MD one of our Physicians Anonymous Approved Coaches guest blogs on “enoughness”.

Permission to pivot

Permission to pivot

In this article, Dr Reigert discusses her surgical residency journey, the effect of chronic sleep deprivation, the arrival fallacy, and giving yourself permission to pivot your career if Plan A isn’t working out. She also reminds us of the importance of getting professional help and that no career is worth your life.

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I Risked My Career To Save My Life

“I think I need to take a medical leave.”
He replied with compassion and understanding, “When?”
I said, “Days or months ago, but I’ll settle for.. now.”
The next day, I was on medical leave. I risked my career to save my life.