Physicians Anonymous

Physician Love Poem

We hope that, on this Valentine’s day when romantic love is celebrated, you got to spend some time with those you love. 

You are very loved by us here at Physicians Anonymous.

So we wrote you all a little love poem. (Clearly, our passion for burnout is stronger than our poetry skills…)

To the wounded healers

To all the physicians out there,
Who tirelessly care and repair
The bodies and souls of those in need 
With every ounce of skill and speed

You work long hours, day and night
To heal and soothe, to make things right
But sometimes it feels like an endless fight
And your own well-being fades from sight

You bear the weight of countless lives
With compassion that never subsides
You’ve seen it all, the lows and highs
And yet you never fail to rise

You are the ones who give and give
Without expecting much to receive
Your love for others, that’s what you believe
And for that, we can only but grieve

For those who’ve burned out, we hear your cries
The exhaustion that clouds your eyes
But know that you are cherished and prized
For all that you do, for all the lives you’ve touched and revived

You are the light in the darkness
The warmth in the coldness
The hope in the hopelessness
And for that, we are forever in your debt

So here’s a love poem, just for you
For all the things you say and do
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts
For healing — and bearing — our scars.

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