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physicians seek help

Why don’t physicians seek help?

Physicians are sick, and it’s getting worse. Yet too few doctors seek help or reach out when we are struggling. Record numbers of us are burning out, becoming mentally ill or addicted, retiring early, and leaving medicine.

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Effective physician resilience programs

Effective Physician Resilience Programs: what works?

In this article, Part 2, I concede that there are some excellent principles differentiating ineffective from effective physician resilience programs. We hope that colleagues and medical leaders designing such programs will find the guidance useful, and further grasp the nettle of addressing the root causes of physician burnout.

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Sick physician portrait 2024

Sick physicians – sick system

Practicing medicine is making us physicians sick. Physicians in the US have some of the highest burnout, mental illness, addiction, and suicide rates in the world. Medical student and physician burnout and suicide are a “silent epidemic”.

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Good enough physicians

The “Good Enough Doctor”: Rx for physician well-being?

Modern medicine is no stranger to the toxic trio of burnout, stress, and dissatisfaction, and perfectionism plays the role of the puppet master. It’s time to swap the scalpel for a mirror and reflect. Bowlby’s framework challenges physicians to redefine excellence, shifting from unattainable perfection to a sustainable “good enough” approach.

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The Perfectionism Plague in Medicine

My biggest fear in medicine is messing up. Inevitably, it happens. And while we rightly are trained to reflect, detect and learn from errors, improve practice, and ultimately save lives, the flip side – the cost of excessive perfectionism – can be very high, especially on physician well-being.

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Disruptive physician wounded healer

Disruptive physician – or wounded healer?

For so many reasons the term “disruptive doctor” is unhelpful at best, cruel and discriminatory at worst. As a label it has been used and misused. Very few physicians start out disruptive. The reality is that disruptive behavior in physicians is often a symptom of a larger systemic problem. It may be related to stress, burnout, mental health issues, addiction, and more.

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Physician Wellbeing Ecosystem

Physician wellbeing requires an ecosystem approach

Addressing physician wellbeing is a complex challenge that requires a comprehensive approach beyond individual interventions. A physician well-being ecosystem, designed to support and prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of physicians, is crucial for sustainable change.

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female physician overwhelmed by administration

Physician burnout: a system disorder

Physician burnout is not a result of individual physician characteristics, but is significantly influenced by systemic factors within the healthcare system. In this blog, we will delve into the concept that physician burnout is more accurately described as an administrative or systemic disorder rather than an individual problem disorder, emphasizing the organizational, cultural, and economic factors that contribute to burnout in doctors.

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The power of positive affirmations to fight physician burnout

Positive affirmations to fight burnout

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you fight burnout. If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, try using positive affirmations to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. With a little practice, you can start to see a difference in your mood, emotions, and overall well-being.

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I Rise Part One: Pre-Med

This is part one of a guest blog by one of our senior mentors. She was a groundbreaker as a woman of color studying medicine in the 1970s. Here, she recounts her struggles in Pre-Med.

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Buffalo Med School

I Rise Part Two: Med School

This is part two of a guest blog by one of our senior mentors. She was a groundbreaker as a woman of color studying medicine in the 1970s. Here, she recounts her first year at Med School far from home.

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Sleep Deprivation in Medicine

Sleep deprivation in medicine: a wake-up call

Before you started studying / working in medicine, how many hours of sleep did you get a night (on average)? What happened to your sleep during med school, residency, and beyond? Sleep, and the lack thereof, is so tied up in our working hours and such a tradition in medicine, that we almost take the lack of it for granted.

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Cultivating self-compassion for medical students

Protecting the Next Generation of Doctors. The practice of self-compassion has emerged as a valuable tool for medical students, offering support in navigating the pressures, setbacks, and self-criticism that can arise throughout their training. This article explores the importance of self-compassion specifically for medical students, provides an overview of relevant research and studies, and offers a practical guide to cultivating self-compassion in daily life.

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group of physicians relaxing around a coffee table. fingers and faces MUST be correct. photorealistic.

AI impressions of physicians

To prove that Physicians Anonymous is surfing the wave of high technology, we’ve been playing around with various AI models. Starting with image generators, we’ve been both impressed and horrified by the outputs.

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