Physicians Anonymous

Author: Dr Phoenix

Joe Sherman MD

physician burnout; matching “soul to role in practice”; joy in practice; transformational leadership; imposter phenomenon; men in medicine; mindful self-compassion; career discernment; certified physician; coach / facilitator / speaker; pediatrician

Doctor Becc

self-doubt; self-criticism; perfectionism; imposter syndrome; people-pleasing; conflict avoidance; difficult conversations; self-confidence; values-based behavior; burnout prevention; burnout recovery; procrastination

Sabine Fonderson MD

entrepreneur; mentor; brand marketing; website copywriting; work-life balance; culture & values; diversity & inclusion

Nicole S DO

woman physician; woman in a man’s world; optimize health and well being; financial struggle; imposter syndrome; female athlete; life coach; entrepreneur; non medical spouse; at home spouse; mom

Nanette Nuessle MD

burnout; bullying solutions; emotional intelligence training; communication skills; labeled “dysfunctional”; better relationships; trust building; executive coach; corporate training.

Sandra Derghazarian MD

becoming unstuck; dealing with shame; addressing imposter syndrome and/or perfectionism; practicing self-compassion and/or self-forgiveness; finding meaning, self-worth and/or belonging; navigating step-motherhood and/or motherhood; English and French

Dr Veritas MD (Pseudonym)

ever evolving; academic internist; alchemist; spiritualist; occultist; breath master; yogi; teacher; healer; gamer; body builder

Henry Harris MD (Pseudonym)

dogs; alcohol addiction; family; hobbies; recreation; surgeon; meditation; arts and crafts; books; support animal; work-life balance; private practice

Ben Walden JD

state control; stress management; anxiety; burnout; life balance; career satisfaction; motivation; crisis management; leadership development; problem solving; decision making; emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication

Kalpana Sundar DO

burnout; life balance; career satisfaction; women; empowerment; women physicians; coach; otolaryngology; surgeon; wellness

Deanna Larson MD

physician burnout; perfectionism; imposter syndrome; self-doubt; meditation; time management; family/parenting; anxiety; overwhelm; narcissistic boss; weight loss; personal development; single mom